Do Not Disturb

When you have time to think, you notice things. You notice people are lonely. That people take walks with their dogs, and they don’t have a husband… or a wife. You notice the smile on someone’s face when they hand you your groceries and tell you to have a nice day. You notice they don’t really mean it when you look at them to smile back and that smile is gone from their face. They must be struggling.

When you turn off the noise and begin to listen, you notice things. You notice your child laughing and listen to their elongated belly laugh when you tickle their chin, “spend more time with me, notice me” .. when they can’t say more than just a few words.

You begin to hear your own thoughts of right and wrong when you turn off the noise. You focus on what you can do for other people, rather than what they can do for you. You become excited, purpose-driven, passionate… because you’re not ignoring the screams inside your head, or the silence within your mind. You begin to understand your struggles and cope through them. You’ll finally see a clear light because this whole time, you’ve been trying to silence the noise that has been used to hide all your problems and pain.

You begin to have longer days. You begin to think more, do more, wake up early, and strive for the next thing. You begin to run back to that hobby that you’ve abandoned for the past few months, or even years… the one you were too busy to do because you’ve been trying to strive through life.

That noise in your life becomes silent, just like the noise, which disappears when a child falls fast asleep. You begin to focus on yourself, but not in a selfish way. In a way that pertains to less gossip and bragging, and comparing and bashing. That moment when you notice the users and abusers, the caring and loving.

You begin to enjoy life, rather than speed through it.

So turn off the TV tonight, drink a cup of tea in silence. Have an uninterrupted conversation with someone and look them in the eyes the whole time. Notice the dimples on their face. Notice what makes them smile. Notice their intention. Notice the things and people around you, in a way that changes your perspective.

Love Between Four Friends

Here’s a little blurb I thought of in the middle of the night whilst on the toilet. (Where all great ideas come from, right?)
I think one day, we will come together, twenty.. maybe even thirty years from now, we will all see each other.. maybe at some dinner party .. someone’s funeral… someone’s gathering.. or someone’s wedding.
We will look back at our lives.. the way things happened and how they happened and we’re supposed to happen…and we will see each other and have that same love for each other like we did as friends. The truest, most purest love. The love that you can have only with friends. The type of love that is sanctified and pure. That love you have when you’re young and dumb and haven’t seen the world. When you have not been ruined by the world. Before kids. Before the other half ever came along; before all that.

One question that remains, how did we even become friends in the first place? Was it forced upon? Pushed upon? Diluted through mutual friends? Was it kind in the beginning… and gentle? Was it polite? Did it take it’s time to form? Sometimes that’s what love is. A love between two, three, four friends who come together in the most purest way and hold on to this unforced upon, joyful, full of life, no-cares-in-the-world kind of happiness. I’m Ukrainian its called радість: pure joy. The love that you believe can last forever and never see ever ending. The love that blinds you, mutes you, and disrupts you from your reality.

Then years later, when you begin to look back on that love, you realize that it was all just a dream you lived. There can never be such a thing as pure love just between four friends…. Or maybe there was, but how is it ever possible to get it back? Once established, you can never go back, because that love is already touched. It’s been used. It’s been lived.

Climate Change & Global Warming

I have been writing these little research papers for my Chemistry class. Here is one I wrote about on global warming and climate change. I think we can all do a little something to make a difference, don’t you think?

Title: Awareness About Global Warming Can Change Our Climate 

Author: Christina Kachanovsky 

Abstract: If humans become more aware of the effects global warming has on our climate change, then they can decrease the rate of Co2 rising. 

As humans, we are limited to ways in order to save the planet and help the environment. Many people have taken into account to recycle, avoid plastic straws, and reuse their glass water bottles. These are just some small examples, but when the vast majority starts to follow this “trend,” it can make a big difference in saving the environment. Small steps lead to big changes. Obviously, we can’t stop natural environmental happenings such as volcanoes or hurricanes from occurring, but one action we are blamed by scientists is the increase in carbon dioxide, or Co2. 

Our world needs to be informed about global warming and climate change. The next time you see a tree, plant it! The next time you wonder whether or not you should invest in solar panels, do it! You won’t just be saving money for yourself in the long run, you will be helping the environment. Likewise, the next time you are deciding between a fun car or a fuel efficient car, think twice. The more people who become aware of how our choices impact the world, the more we, as a society, can make a difference to prevent the rise in Co2 levels. When Co2 levels increase, we may have deadly consequences. There are many ways to help the environment. The first step is to be aware. The second step is to tell others! 

Introduction/Background: What is causing climate change and global warming and what can we do to prevent it from occurring? I chose to write about the effects humans have on climate change and global warming because I enjoy writing about things that can benefit other people. I never understood what causes global warming and after doing a bit of research, I realized we have dramatically increased global warming. Yes, us! Humans! I then, understood that I can do things to prevent this. My goal was to inform and inspire people to make a difference in our planet. One step at a time can lead to big impacts in our earth’s Co2 levels.

Main Body: What is carbon dioxide? According to, “carbon dioxide is a heat trapping gas which is released through human activities, such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels” (NASA, 2019). Natural processes such as volcanic eruptions and respiration also causes Co2 levels to rise, but we have no control over that. What does carbon dioxide have to do with us and how do we, as humans, have any influence over it? Carbon dioxide has changed our climate in a major way in the past twenty years. In the Figure 1 and 2 below, it shows how Co2 has increased 411 parts per million (NASA, 2019). 

nasa co2

Figure 1. This is a picture of CO2 in 2016.

2002 nasa co2

Figure 2. This is a picture of CO2 in 2002.

How could fourteen years make such a difference in our environment? Let’s start with climate change and global warming. “Global warming is the increase in temperature on our Earth that results from human activities such as burning coal, gas, and fossil fuels” (Waldron, 2019). 

“Climate change is the result of global warming; the earth is warming up faster than it has warmed in the past” (Waldron, 2019). Therefore, these burning of gases, specifically referring to Co2, have very deadly consequences. 

That being said, what can we do to help our environment? My guess is that many people in our world are not aware of what they are doing to the environment, thus, don’t do anything to make a difference. If humans became more aware of climate change and global warming, then they can decrease the rate of Co2 rising. In a study at the University of Yale, an article, “Who Is Changing Their Mind about Global Warming and Why?” States that “four out of five people in their study say they are more concerned about global warming” (Yale Program, 2019). They said that they “personally experienced climate impacts or heard about them; they learned about global warming and climate change, or they saw the problem as more serious” (Yale Program, 2019). Also in this study, 84% became more concerned about it while only 4% are doing something about it (Yale Program, 2019). The more people become aware, the more they are willing to change how they live. There are many ways we can impact our environment. Below, I have listed three examples. 

Discussion: One thing we can change is the way we burn gas through fuel efficient cars. Smart cars have been created to be more fuel efficient and thus, helping the earth release less Co2 gases. Another way we can help the environment is for more of us to use “solar energy to power our homes, buildings, and cars” (Waldron, 2019). “The sun is our unlimited and free resource that we can use for power. It helps our environment because solar energy converts light energy from the sun to electrical energy” (Waldron, 2019). And lastly, we can plant more trees to produce more oxygen. Since Co2 is increasing, our oxygen levels are decreasing. We can produce more oxygen by planting more trees to help us breathe less carbon dioxide and more oxygen. 

List of References:

“Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet.” NASA, NASA, 2019. (Accessed 9/8/19)

“CU Sea Level Research Group.” CU Sea Level Research Group | University of Colorado, 2018, 9/8/19)

Waldron, Kimberley. 21st Century Chemistry. 2cd ed., W.H. Freeman, Macmillan Learning, 2019.(Accessed 9/8/19)

“Who Is Changing Their Mind about Global Warming and Why?” Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, 9 Jan. 2019, 9/8/19)




Disclaimer: This is not to be copied. Original paper written by Christina Kachanovsky. If copied, you will be fined and reported. 

Plagiarism are considered misdemeanors, punishable by fines of anywhere between $100 and $50,000 — and up to one year in jail. Plagiarism can also be considered a felony under certain state and federal laws. 


New Car- 2012

I have these little assignments I write in my Fiction Writing class that I would like to share with you guys. Here is one. (:



The pearly white 2012 Toyota Corolla was standing in her driveway. It was a car she bought all by herself, with the exception of the one-thousand dollars her dad gave for her early birthday present. Her birthday was in the fall, so it was a half-birthday/half-Christmas present. It took a year of waitressing at a restaurant thirty minutes downtown to gather all the tips she needed to buy this car. Finally. She was thankful she was living with her parents and didn’t have to pay for rent. She had been sitting in her new car for the past thirty minutes, simply admiring all its features. Though she bought it used from an older woman, it was still new to her. She had just given it its first wash, from the inside out. It smelled like a fresh forest full of pine trees, her favorite smell. The little dark-green pine tree was hanging below her mirror. She held it in her right hand, and sniffed at it with a long inhale, embracing the moment. She smoothed out the gray cotton seat cushion on the passenger side, thinking of who would be the first one to sit there. Her girlfriends would probably fight over shotgun when she went out tonight. She turned her head and looked in the back. There was nothing but her fuzzy, hot-pink school backpack and some black heels she would wear tonight after class. She smiled. Nodding her head to “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry, she opened her glove compartment. It was so clean, only a few documents and some minty fresh chewing gum. She grabbed a piece of gum and put the wrapper inside her now empty coffee mug. Patting her hands on the steering wheel, singing loud, “falling from cloud nine,” she shook her hair left to right. This was the moment she had been waiting for.

Penelopize – To Procrastinate

Did you know the word “penelopize” originally comes from the faithful wife of Oddysseus, Penelope. Penelope and Odysseus are from the fictional story, The Odyssey by Homer. Men kept requesting her hand in marriage, but she was still waiting for her husband to come home. She told them that she had to finish her tapestry, and until she finished, she wouldn’t consider anyone’s hand in marriage. But you know what she did? She would embroider each day and at the end of each day, she would pick out the day’s work so that it would take longer and she would never be done. She would procrastinate, or deliberately waste her day.






So, I wanted to share my story about Squirrly, the penelopizing Squirel.

Based on a true story. It’s a comedy, but not so much to me.  

A Day in The Life of a Squirrel

Oh what a beautiful day it is in the city of Denver. Today is another day to gather nuts. I hate gathering. I would rather go play with my friends and collect nuts later. Why do we have to collect them when the sun is out? I’ll tell mom and dad I will go find nuts over in that area. I’m going on an adventure. 

As Squirrly the squirrel went about his day, penelopizing from the day’s work of collecting nuts, he went about to Christina’s house. She was trying her best to grow sunflowers. She had planted them months ago, and they were finally beginning to sprout. 

These sunflowers are growing, yay! I am going to pick on them. And oh, I see roses beginning to sprout, Christina must have watered them real nicely the other day. I am just going to *oop opp* hop on over and make sure nobody is watching me climb this fence. Okay, I hear something. 


Move my eyeballs slowly left and right. Move my eyeballs slowly up and down. Coast is clear. Now, I am going to quickly and very quietly run to the flowers and pick on them. 

*Nibble Nibble* 

Yuck. This is gross! I thought it would taste like nuts! I guess I forgot from the last ten times I tried eating Christina’s plants. Hmm. What should I do now? Oh! A worm! I love worms. They are so wiggly and cute. Now, what was I up to? What else should I do to waste time? Hmm. Let’s play spy. I see an open window. Maybe I should start digging a hole in the net, climb into the house, and see if there are any nuts in the house. 

*Scratch Scratch* 

*Claw Claw* 

Okay, this hole is getting bigger, yay! Oh, no. I hear Christina’s footsteps. She sounds mad. HIDE! 


I should come back tomorrow. It looks like there is hope to make this whole even bigger! I am going to need all my friends to help me. Maybe tomorrow we will come back and try again. Then, we can all quietly sneak in Christina’s house and look for any nuts in her pantry. That would be awesome, and you know what, mom and dad would be so proud. I just thought of a way to save us all from having to work so hard on nice sunny days! 

Squirrly was obviously avoiding his responsibilities during the season to collect nuts. He got so much procrastinating done today, by wasting away hours of killing all of Christina’s flowers and any hope for her plants. He didn’t want to use his precious time collecting food in the summer, he wanted to discover and play, just like any child… or adult. 


Finding Yourself in Today’s Social Media

I’m sure you’ve already had that feeling your life where you realized who you were, what you wanted to do with your life, and where you were going.

I’m sure by now, you’ve discovered yourself.

I’m sure you are super happy with your job and who you are as a person.

If you’re not, keep reading.


This is going to personal, to an extent. I am currently baking banana bread, working on my husband’s online class, and hoping I can get to 1K followers by the end of the month.

That feels weird to say I want more followers. That used to be such a bad thing, “I don’t care how many followers I have.” It was a thing many people looked down upon and others competed with. I was too busy not caring about “gaining followers,” but others were too busy growing a business on social media.

Let me back up a little.


While I was on my little journey in Sacramento, I thought I was going to reach an epiphany by the end of my two weeks there. Meaning, I would find exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Some people know. Some people know right off the bat they want to be an architect, a history teacher, or a nurse. Whatever. Good for you. Now, for the rest of us, we are still figuring it out. I was a Preschool teacher for three years and I realized I don’t want to work for someone, I don’t want to be a teacher. I want to be a boss, in whatever field that may be. I’m tired of people walking all over me in every job I was at. There was always a ladder I had to climb. You quit one job, climb the ladder somewhere else. The last job I was at, the ladder was only two steps, and someone was already in the way. There was no room for growth and after two years, they wanted to make me step down the ladder. I either step down or I move on and try to climb a different ladder. So, I moved on…
Here are my goals and dreams and you tell me if they seem impossible to you.


Currently, I am working for monat shampoo. I have been trying to sell it through social media, yet, I need to get discovered on social media. I not only need more followers, I need people who are willing to spend the money. I have to build my trust with my followers. People think Monat Shampoo is a scam, but even with pictures and testimonials, nobody wants to buy it. So, I put that on the back-burner for a bit until I get people who actually believe this shampoo works. Because it does.


Next, I have been modeling clothes for different companies on my style page @kachmystyle. My goal there is to model for bigger companies, such as Nike or Amazon or Macys. Then again, I need a bigger audience.

Then I finally had my epiphany. Why don’t I make a marketing page for myself and help other companies grow and get noticed? Small businesses who are just starting out and need to broadcast themselves, but don’t have the time or extra money for ads. People who want to gain an audience of people actually interested in their work. You run a coffee shop? Let’s find people who love coffee and live locally. You want a review on Yelp? Just give me a free cup of coffee and I can write one for you because I am a Denver Yelp Elite! You need help with your Facebook page? I got you.

Catch me marketing at Kach Me Marketing… Clever, right?

Check out my website and tell me what you think.



Business Trip {Why Am I Here?}

June 20th, 2019.

I’m here in Sacramento, California. The place that once brought me great misery and desperation, the crave that something better in the world existed rather than this suburban village. The village filled with great disparity and loneliness; heartbreak and questions. I’ve come back to this place. I see familiar faces, faces I used to hide from. I’ve come back to this place, in hopes for something better.

Denver brought me back here. Family brought me back here. Business brought me back here. I’m not here for any one particular reason. I’m here for many. I’m here to find my niche. What am I good at? What can I do back at home?

Cutting my long story short, I declined an 8-5 kinda job. A job that I thought was so perfect for my passions and I. That was good for my growth. See the thing with coming back to your hometown is finding that spark that once created you to be who you are. I don’t hate Denver. I just don’t know what to look for there. I don’t know what to find for myself. Jason found his passion back in Chicago and pursued it in Denver. I supported him for two years until he graduated and got the job of his dreams. But me? I’m itching for something I currently can’t find in Denver. It has become that place of desperation, the roles of Sacramento and Denver have been flopped. I see potential in Sac, but I’m not saying I am ready to move back. I thought 18 days would be super long, currently, it seems to be just enough time. It seems to be the one thing everyone has been asking for here.



Friends from the past have become potential business partners. Small dreams and ideas have become a potential business booms. A seed that I’ve planted over the past year are starting to bloom into what? That is what I am here to find out.

Friends and Other News

Hey friends!It’s been a minute and I have so much to tell you. First, don’t you hate it when people call you friend, but you barely know them? What does it mean to be someone’s friend?My definition of a friend:

  • You don’t have to see them, but they need to at least cross your mind.
  • You have to have something in common with them. (If you don’t, they’re probably you’re cousin or aunt).
  • You talk to them consistently.
  • You hang with them.
  • You laugh with them.
  • You cry with them.

If you don’t have any of these, they’re not your friend. If you want to make someone your friend, I would suggest doing a few of these things. It’s hard making friends. I don’t know about you, but for me, moving to Colorado where I knew no one- I thought I could easily join a group from church and make friends. Although, I’ve come to realize that strangers at the park can become friends. There’s such an advantage of having a child. All you do is say, “hey where did you get that cute outfit for your kid?” And boom! For men, it can be much harder because they’re not usually as open and upfront, nor will they ask a guy at the park for their number. Weirdo.

Here’s a few pictures of my friends.

We live so many miles apart; yet, every time we see each other, it seems like nothing has changed.

These friends are awesome! That cute red head just had a baby and named her Hadley Grace!! Her and Sam are one-year apart and they are going to be BEST FRIENDS!


Seriously Lubichka, we need to take more recent pics! (This was from 2 1/2 years ago when she was doing my hair and makeup trial for my wedding. The only reason it is on my phone is because I help manage her IG business called @shontikahairandmakeup).

(Like I said, only a few pics of my friends. The rest– you know who you are(; and we obviously need to take new pictures.. cuz … this just ain’t right). 

> > >

If you didn’t know…

As I’m writing this in the comfort of my backyard (the top portion was in the comfort of my car, holding my cup of coffee, while waiting for Sam to fall asleep before going to do laundry), I wonder why more people in Colorado aren’t darker. I’ve been sitting here without any lotion and am as brown as maple wood. I’ve also learned that Colorado has a mind of it’s own and there’s a good reason you could still get a tan in September. Something I’m not used to. In California, you tan June-end of August. Then, it starts raining. Here, it rains and hails and thunders up until mid June. But you can tan anytime from May – September. It literally hailed two days ago, then the sun came out the same day with 80F weather. The question here is, what do you even wear?

> > >

On to parenting…

Someone asked me at one of the weddings we went to this Spring, “how’s mom life?” I was thinking mom life? You mean survival? I don’t like the word housewife because it seems like all you do is sit in the house. I mean, what do housewives really do? I like knowing that we get some credit for doing most of the work, knowing that without us, our children or husband’s would not survive. Simply put, if I were to have Jason pack his own lunch- he’d eitherA.) Probably forgetOrB.) Pack a PB and JNow I know not all men are Jason, some are much more capable of surviving on their own– but a good majority would be lost without us. That being said, my point was that mothering is more than just sitting at home and making food, like most people who aren’t mother’s, probably think. We’ve come to a point in motherhood where women build businesses from home. That ain’t easy. Between naps, food, cleaning (constantly, especially if your kid is walking), there is always something to do! Likewise, we need time for ourselves; we need a chance to go to the gym, drink in peace, meditate, or simply breathe. With that, I give props to women who manage a business from home. Especially, if it is to pay the bills. That’s responsibility.On the other hand, I’m the kind of mom where I couldn’t mother alone. I need my husband to help me clean after Sam. I need him to entertain her while I go to the store alone. I need him to put her to sleep and give her a bottle. I need him. And that’s why we get married. He needs me, while I need him.I don’t understand why some women are so afraid of asking for help. Well, he worked all day and he’s probably so tired. I don’t want him to get mad. So? You worked all day too.

> > >

Doing laundry with the kid ain’t easy.

> > >

On to my personal life…

So I quit my job. After two years of being a preschool teacher and one of those years having my own classroom of two-year-olds, I decided to move on. Mainly because Jason got a real job. A job where I can contemplate what I want to do next without worrying about my child in daycare or counting the hours I’ve worked. The past two years, he’s been in school and I was the bread winner. Now, the money-making responsibility is his. Whew. What a relief. But before leaving my job, there was a small chance of receiving the job of my dreams (well for the past year, because I never knew this job existed).

So here’s how it happened… 

Last December, while still in school, I came to the realization that I might not be able to actually attend school. I was halfway through my pregnancy and since we had no family to watch Sam while I would attend classes and only one car to travel, it seemed reasonable to have a major which I could accomplish online. I was currently going for a teaching degree, English Literature, but I had to attend classes on campus. I just didn’t see that happening. I was already taking classes online and it seemed to work. I did all my homework during my 2 1/2 break at work each day, with Sam at daycare. Things made sense. It was either that or I drove 30 minutes to school to attend one class, then drive back to work. It wouldn’t make sense.

So one of my classmates had mentioned a website with all the online majors that had to do with writing. I was halfway done with English Writing, so I decided that would be the best. Fast forward to the beginning of this year, Jason and I were driving to Breckenridge to see ice sculptures (we literally had dinner with some friends then left home {Vlad and Eugene, k Eugene, you are my friend. Technically a cousin. But don’t get butt hurt I didn’t mention your name}). So during that 2 1/2 hour drive, Jason and I were talking about school (why does everything I mention today seem to be 2 1/2 hours?! The best conversations happen in the car for us. We were talking about my future and what I could possibly do with my degree. I was mad because I felt like I wasted time in school with a degree that won’t get me anywhere. Jason said otherwise. I didn’t believe him.

So I called my counselor. You know what she said? She said I am on the right track and people need English majors like me in their lives because people are forgetting how to write. That was inspiring. So, for the next six months I started looking for a job that would qualify with my major and I found a bunch of writing jobs. Although, they didn’t pay much. Then, I discovered a company that was hiring for a Social Media Manager. I would be in charge of managing their social media platform as well as write blogs, post pictures, and market their company. I wasn’t really a fan of the marketing aspect, but I applied and got denied. That bummed me, so I began to apply for a nanny. I think this was me giving up on my dreams, thinking it was too hard to get where I wanted and nobody wanted me. I went on about three interviews and only liked one family, but their hours were little and pay wasn’t what I wanted. Bummed again.

Then a few months later, I began searching for a Social Media Manager everywhere. Something sparked that passion in me. I think it was Jason receding an amazing job and I saw how happy it made him. I wanted to be that happy. Everyone deserves to be happy where they work. So, I searched and found that the same company I got denied from a few months ago was still hiring! So, I applied again and guess what? They asked me to do a few projects to see if I was capable. For three days I was nervous and stressing about this project. I had to do something I wasn’t too familiar with, (the marketing aspect of it) but I challenged myself still. I watched Youtube videos and searched the web for three days. Finally, my brain hurt from all the information and I gave it my best, finished the projects, and submitted them.

First thing Monday morning I get an email saying they will let me know if the hiring manager liked the projects and they will let me know later in the week. Ugh. The hesitation. However, an hour later I got my answer! Well, not really. It was an email requesting a phone interview.

> > >

But that’s tomorrow.

Is it too Late for Resolutions?

Ok, ahhhh!!! Where to start? Who gained like fifty pounds this Christmas?? I sure did! Lol. I was doing so good, and all those months of hard baby fat I tried to get rid of just came right back, ughhh. It’s okay though, because I have GOALLLSSS this year to get that six pack. I have a teeny tiny one pack right now, but I can’t show that yet. I need to buy a mirror. A nice one… to make it look like I have a two pack… you know how people always post on Instagram.

Ok, so if you haven’t seen my Instagram post, I have some goals this year that I am looking forward to accomplishing! But let’s recap last year real quick.


Jason forgot to give me nice things in the morning for my birthday, so I was a grump all morning. He left me and went to school, then came home early and we went on a hike. I was so emotional with him about how he didn’t give me balloons or a card in the morning (still postpartum emotions). Then I went to work for like three hours (I was still working part-time). After work, he made his classmates come over to “watch” Samantha (she was sleeping and they were watching movies). She was exactly 4 months at this time. Jay and I went to the city and he took me out for drinks… then, the rest is history… let’s just say I don’t remember eating the tacos…. He’s a nice husband.


We said goodbye to Apple phones and our watches and hello to Google. Jason had been talking about the new Google Pixel 3 phone and its features for about three months now and I said fine, let’s just go “look” at them. Well, Verizon had this buy one get one free deal, so we couldn’t resist.

The Pixel has the best battery life, awesome camera features, lighter than the iPhone, and amazing storage.

In all honesty, I think Apple is illuminati… so there’s that.


We just chilled. Lived life. Took walks. Prepared for Finals.


The longest most amazing month out of the year! My sweet mom came to visit and helped us watch the baby while we did finals. Jason took that time to sleep at school (to work on his Studio Final) and I took that time to work on my last projects. I spent two days at the coffee shops. My mom is amazing. She just sat in the house and watched the kid. I did take her out to the city to Christ-Kindle Market!


The funny thing is, I thought I was going to write this in January, but oh well. Who else feels January was the longest year of their life? And now it is Valentine’s Day! January is the month where you feel like nothing is happening, you’re broke from all the Christmas gifts and travel, you’re depressed, and you’re trying to lose weight.

Who else feels like they broke their New Year’s Resolution already?! I literally just had Ramen yesterday and Chinese food with Snickers Ice Cream for dessert today!! So many carbbsssss.

~ ~ {Our natural habitat and a visual of eating Chinese food. Told you, I wasn’t kidding.}IMG_20190210_130911.jpg

So now we are in February and nobody really has much going on, yeah? This is the time when we get so bored with nothing going on that we start to plan trips. My sister really wanted me to see her, so she bought me a plane ticket to Portland! I haven’t been there since I announced I was pregnant in October of 2017. Also, I get to see my brother after a year! (Long story).

So that’s exciting.

Jason and I are trying to find new things to do in Denver. We contemplated moving to the city so many times, and yet, leaving for this price is so hard. Sometimes you just have to outweigh what you really want. Whether it is worth it, you know? We live 15 minutes from the city, but it is so quiet where we live. We want noise. We want chaos. Our lives are chaotic. I think we’d fit really well there. Hah.

I’d really love to know what couples do together. Jason and I tried working out, we do it at home together. But it’s not “fun” and you may not always be in the mood. Other than watch movies or eat, what do you do?

We started doing puzzles.

Playing music.

I began giving Jason projects for the house. (He’s working on a bookcase for Samantha).

Are we the only ones who can’t find things to do in the winter?


I’m not saying we have so much free time, but without family around to keep us occupied (which would probably solve this problem) what do couples, who are out-of-state, and have friends who usually like to only hang out on weekdays, do ???

Well, leave a comment below if you can relate.

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On a side note, it’s nice telling my husband that I’m doing homework, but I’m actually writing to all my fans online. HAH.

But for some resolutions… I don’t think it is too late. What I think though– diets don’t work. I think every human needs all food groups that are in the American Association fghiwjkshj whatever it is called. I remember trying not to eat grains because they had carbs, I began to see a bad change in my body. Also, I think the whole diet thing should be a lifestyle. Don’t think if you do a diet for a month and then start eating like you used to right after, you will be “in shape.” If you really want to be healthy, in shape, fit, have a six pack, you have to mentally decide this is what you want for the rest of your life.

Happy LOVE DAY<3

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Enjoy some cute pictures until your heart explodes.







I’m jumping right into it.

The wife. The mother. The student. The employee.

Sounds like just titles, but each title has a responsibility. I was thinking about how I can give 100% to all of these titles. How can I ? In reality, I can’t. I simply cannot give my husband all the time and attention he deserves or play with my daughter every minute she is awake and full of joy or the opposite: crying to be cuddled. I simply cannot make my bosses happy with every need they have or answer all the questions each parent has when they walk in at the end of the day to pick up their child at work. And lastly, I may even forget sometimes when an assignment is due in any of my three classes, (Especially when  one teacher decides to put a due date, “Due Noon on Thursday.”) In the end, one or more of these parties will not get 100% of Christina in times of need.

Either the laundry load will pile up.

We’ll have to order take-out more often.

I might oversleep work.

I might fall asleep at work.

I may forget to give my hubby a much-needed hug.

I may forget to pack my baby’s bottle.

I’ll probably forget to eat.

I may cry.

I may get selfish.

I may want to quit.

The dishes will pile up.

We’ll start buying plastic silverware.

The trash will pile up.

We’ll begin to eat junk food.

I’ll forget to do my hair.

I won’t remember what day it is.

I may not call my family out-of-state for a week.

Social media will be the last thing on my mind.

Coffee will fill my lungs.

I’ll probably stop breastfeeding.

I’ll forget to take a shower.

I may write a mediocre essay.

People will tell me to quit.

But I won’t quit. (Please God, give me the strength not to).

Fall season may be one of the hardest seasons and semesters. This Fall will probably be one of the toughest. Last semester I didn’t mention it, but I thought I took the wrong classes and I cried for a week to Jason. I told him I’m not doing school anymore.

That Summer I registered for three classes. (I had a baby due two weeks before classes would start). Although, we didn’t have enough Financial Aid money to pay for the Summer classes. “Hey mom, have $6,000 for me?”

So I dropped the classes, feeling discouraged. Come to find out, I only took ONE wrong class. Maybe it was meant to be. I really don’t know why I wasn’t thinking. It was just ONE repeated class, it could have been worse. That is why counselors and meeting with them every semester is so darn important. Meet with them a few times before registering for the classes. Also, email them the classes you registered for to make SURE it you are on the right course.

Why am I in school with a 3 month old baby? You could also ask the question, “What are you doing taking your child to daycare?”

Thanks for asking. It’s really none of your business, but since I’m a blogger and you already asked: I am not JUST a mom. I never just wanted to be a mom. Being a mom is the easy part. Pop out a baby, good for you, men can’t do that. Women can conquer the world because they can give birth. Okay, but really, that’s all you want to do? Just be a mom? Do people ever have more than one passion? I do. I love being a mom, but it gets boring and I don’t want to waste my husband’s money to go have coffee and take cute Instagram pictures with my friends and their babies. When I look ten years ahead in my life, I want to not only be a mom, I want to be successful, and a great wife.

People say wait. Wait to go back to school. Why? So I could waste more time? Having a baby takes up some time, and yes, sometimes she won’t go to sleep until late, but if you give her some Tylenol, she’ll pass out right away. Just kidding. Don’t do that.

I read this quote the other day that said, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” Don’t you want to know how far you can go? When you finally get out of your comfort zone and your parents stop making your bed and you finally move away from any source of help or family, and you are all alone, no-one can help you, isn’t that the point when you rely on God? Knowing that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with Him? Knowing that He wants you to live a rich and satisfying life? Are you? Or are you comfortable where you are? Are you comfortable, or even happy, not changing, not being challenged, and not living to be satisfied? Why do you think that it’s for someone else? Or you’re too old? Or you want to wait to have money? If I waited until I had money, I would still be living with my parents and not where I am today.

I get that some things can be an overload. Not every mother and wife can go to school and work. It isn’t for everyone and I am not Superwoman. I went to church today with my hair in a bun, unlike other mothers who dressed up in clean/ironed clothes and had on a new pair of sandals for both their kid and them.

Obviously I am not only talking about school. There’s more out there than just school and building a career. You can be called to do missionary for all I know. But how would you know if you’re living your life comfortably and not asking to be challenged? What are you afraid of? That you’ll fail? (So am I to be honest. I really want to pass all my classes). What I really want to do is sell everything in our house and live on a mattress and be fully dedicated to church and school (and work, because someone has to pay rent). But nobody wants to buy all our junk on OfferUp. (Kidding. Our stuff isn’t worth that much anyway).

That was a rant.

Tell next time.

(Probably after the semester ends).

Which is around Christmas break.